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ROYAL ELEPHANT Stamp Paper Painting

Reminiscent of the royal courtly life, our stamp paper painting is a treasured art form handcrafted by skilled artisans. The fine attention to detail is reflective in the chronicle which beautifully depicts majestic elephants that served as guardians to the sovereign. Presenting a testimony to the rich heritage of Rajasthan, this painting gets its earthy texture from the coarse texture of the paper while the beautiful colors are derived from vegetables, minerals and precious stones. Ornaments and drapes have been painted in golden shade signifying the royal status of these elephants. This wall art has been painted on back side also narrating the tales and depicting various signature styles of this lost art and its artists.
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  • Authentic and exquisite work of Indian art from Jaipur.
  • Encircled with beautiful ornate borders.
  • Handcrafted using vegetable dyes and natural colors.
  • Inspired from the folk tales of Rajasthani artists.
  • Product Dimensions: Length (cm) Height (cm) > CUSTOMIZED
  • Material: Paper
  • All images are for representation and illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary slightly due to the inherent properties of the materials used.
  • All the artwork paintings are sold without frames unless explicitly specified.
  • All specifications and details, if any, are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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