At AVIVANA, we deeply believe in creating beautiful spaces that narrate a story or two. Our custom range of services can redefine your home and workspaces, converting them into functional places of value and beauty. Ranging from the best of vintage designs and colonial carvings to traditional legacies and awe-inspiring decorative masterpieces, we bring you the finest designs for all your favourite spaces. With the promise of rich craftsmanship and timely delivery of services, these beautifully crafted pieces are sure to add luxury, grandeur and modernity to your space and lifestyle.

AVIVANA offers customized solutions and dedicated services for Interior & Exterior Designing for residential as well as commercial establishments. A vast range of products spread across décor and furniture variants and a personalized approach towards our clients enables us to deliver our services with the promise of absolute premium quality.

The most inviting and appealing spaces are created when both the Interiors and Exteriors are perfectly in tandem with the concept ideas. It is essential that both the elements feature a harmonious approach and we help you bring luxury as well as a homely charm to wherever you spend your precious moments and make memories worth cherishing.

An epitome of unmatched elegance, our signature range of VIVANA Mirrored Furniture is a first in India and we exclusively manufacture luxury mirrored furniture and décor solutions. Featuring the finest of bevelled mirrored glass curated with varying finishes, these timeless accents are a perfect blend of functional & aesthetic design and serve as true statement pieces of opulence for any interior.

Turn an empty room into a statement form through a smart makeover using our exclusive range of customized paintings, portraits and much more that could add character to your place. Give your interiors the personal touch it deserves with beautiful artworks, creative masterpieces and personalized designs. We work closely with designer artists to craft bespoke art pieces & ensure the detailing and transition of your demands towards the final artwork.

Ancillary furniture has an important role to play in today's workplace design as our modern multigenerational workforce has driven demand for flexible spaces and tools that support different styles of work. A wide range of our exclusive ensembles are uniquely designed and curated for the less formal spots of your workspaces and home and support several postures, providing you the required comfort which is becoming vital in contemporary times. These pieces are ultra-functional, yet beautiful and comfortable for creating inspiring work places.

Specializing in luxury and design accents for all spaces around you, we provide a complete range of decor for homes, workspaces and commercial establishments. Our innovative and immaculate craftsmanship provides the most exquisite pieces that serve both fashion and function. Dedicated to make your dream spaces a reality, we house products in a varied range suited for every theme and offer customization services across all our collections.


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