Design Process

Design Process

Every piece of art or home décor crafted at Avivana, goes through a series of measures that ensure immaculate precision and attention to detail.
Initially, rigorous research is carried out to identify trends and ideas in the world of decor and further strategically merged to curate designs for various products.

The next stage involves finalization of individual designs and composite designs via data algorithms based on market analysis and material selection.

Our professional team of trained and experienced workers operate in tandem with machinery to guide the production process towards the end product.

Quality Control
A vital measure of quality control and associated testing checks are performed at various stages of production to ensure high quality standards for the attributes of end product.

Further, both machine assisted and handcrafted finishing is carried out to lend the product the required finesse of varying grades according to the materials used.

Testing & Packaging
Towards the end, compliance and safety checks are conducted to provide industrial grade ready packaging and respective standard documents depending on the products.


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