About Us

About Us

Embarking on the philosophy of good design & great craftsmanship, AVIVANA was born to life with a humble mission to deliver decor & lifestyle products that bespeak elegance and grandeur. At AVIVANA, we strive to encourage an extraordinary experience by creating beautiful furniture & art pieces which are garnered and handcrafted in Jaipur by a team that cherishes what they do; pass on the feeling of exclusivity.

AVIVANA seeks inspiration from nature’s two themes: Aviva & Vivana. While the former refers to the springtime and its beauty which is echoed in a host of our pieces, the latter hints at the gleam of the sun & moon which is an inspiration for several of our art, furniture and decor products.

In the rapidly growing Indian manufacturing sector, AVIVANA is the first disruptor to introduce its dedicated Mirrored Furniture and Ancillary Furniture collections. A set of technology and designs, proprietary to AVIVANA, improved upon by our innovative team of core designers progresses us into a continual reinterpretation of the brand. Utilizing predictive algorithms, we endeavour to meet all your design needs and ensure that your wishlist never runs out of stock.

As an internet-first brand and marketplace, AVIVANA strives to offer its customers the best price by strategically minimizing overheads. A streamlined channel between our Design Studio and Manufacturing Unit allows for efficient and shorter production timelines. We regularly showcase fresh designs on our website and encourage our customers to vote for popular products. This methodical engagement with our customers allows us to optimize our inventory for recurring sales and pass on the cost benefit towards our customers.

In the Digital Commerce landscape of today anybody can deliver a product, but serving an experience is what sets AVIVANA apart. We don’t hide behind a string of automated emails or busy helplines and understand the necessity of human interaction to address our customers. From your very first query to the last request, our team readily assists you at every step to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.


At AVIVANA, a composite unit of research, design and manufacturing supported by a vertically organized team of professionals is responsible for the quality and value our products exhibit. Differing from the traditional Wholesale-Retail model, we serve both individual(B2C) and business(B2B) customers in equal trading capacity. Our RTD (Research & Technological Development) Team powered with valuable feedback from our customers works in parallel with the Creative Team to ensure a steady flow of fresh designs with a uniform pricing across all avenues.


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