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VILA Mirrored Wall Art

Neo modern and simplistic in design, VILA Mirrored Wall Art is undoubtedly going to be the perfect addition to your space. Whatever decor theme you have going on, this wall art is going to blend perfectly like it was made for your home. Over a console, in the hallway or along the path of foyer; the sleek and minimalist design of this beauty makes sure it looks good anywhere. The geometrically shaped placement of the mirrored panels catches the light at different angles and gleams in varying tones throughout the day. Be it your living room or your office, just tilt this piece to hang it in portrait or landscape mode and instantly you get a whole new piece for your space. Suited for any occasion and any place, this art piece will always remain a good conversation starter anywhere.
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  • Crafted with designer elements,  this wall art is perfect for Executive Gifting and Housewarming Gifts.
  • Ideal gifting option to be adored in home and office spaces.
  • Featuring high-quality holds, stylish accents, and detailed finishing.
  • Product Dimensions: Length (80 cm) Breadth (cm) Height (80 cm) | CUSTOMIZED
  • Material: Glass, Step Beveled Mirror, MDF, Metal | CUSTOMIZED
  • Style: Contemporary, Modern
  • All images are for representation and illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary slightly due to the inherent properties of the materials used.
  • All the artwork paintings are sold without frames unless explicitly specified.
  • All specifications and details, if any, are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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