COVID-19 Policy Update

During this perturbed period of time that we all are facing, AVIVANA wants to wish all our customers and their friends and family our best. We hope you are all in good health and staying positive.

Due to COVID-19 alert and advisory guidelines of the government, we are operating in a limited capacity and our E-Commerce activities have been regulated accordingly. Although our website and on-line services continue to operate but you might experience limited functionality in certain sections on website.

We request our customers to read the following bits of information as we move forward towards the routine business until normalcy is restored:

  1. We are firmly following government guidelines concerning social distancing and monitoring hygiene and cleanliness across our infrastructure facilities.
  2. We are ensuring that essential tasks are being carried out towards fulfilling the existing orders.
  3. We have started delivery of products locally and plan to expand towards more shipping zones as per the legal guidelines circulated by the government.
  4. For B2C Customers – In our customer’s interest, the prices for the products have been disabled from display on certain pages of the website, to avoid any discrepancies regarding logistics. You can always place a back order or add items to your wish-list and we will cater to you as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Please refer HOW TO ORDER for more information.
  5. For B2B Customers – All our current products and services remain available for bulk orders with MOV/MOQ policies in effect. We request you to make sure that your zone is allowed to conduct business in accordance with permissible activities and compliance guidelines shared by the government.
    Please refer HOW TO ORDER for more information.
  6. If you are facing any issues or have some queries, please send your emails to or you can reach us on WhatsApp at 091-8690822468.

    We appreciate your patience with us in these difficult times and wish you our best to stay healthy and in good spirits!

Dear customer, due to COVID-19 alert, we our operating E-Commerce activities in a reduced capacity for respective shipping zones. You might experience limited features for few sections on the website.


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